Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Breakfast at Java Moon Cafe

My father and stepmom were in town last weekend so we got together with them, my stepbrother and his wife for the day. There used to be a Java Moon Cafe location closer to where I live, but it closed. I always enjoyed their food and since we were planning to spend the day in the area anyway we ventured out to the remaining location in Jackson, NJ.

I ordered scrambled eggs with ham, moonpotatoes, and toast:

Just look at all that food! Everything was delicious. The scrambled eggs were light and fluffy with the perfect creaminess I rarely find in restaurants. I was expecting a ham steak, but instead I got thin slices of deli ham that had been grilled so there were crispy bits. And the potatoes, oh the potatoes. I usually have bad luck with breakfast potatoes in restaurants, mainly because no one seems to understand that potatoes need seasoning in order to taste good. These were cooked with peppers and onions and were delicious. The toast was sliced ciabatta with a nice smear of butter.

I had an orange juice to drink and was eyeing up the American toast (just French toast) on SP's plate. I snagged one bite but I wish I'd had more. Everyone raved about their meals. It's a shame they're so far away but we've already planned a return trip.
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  1. I miss that Java Moon that closed. I liked to go there for lunch too.

  2. Looks like a fab breakfast!

  3. Wow, that's a pretty impressive breakfast! Why are the potatoes called 'moonpotatoes'? Is that because they sort of look like moon rocks?


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