Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chicago - Day 4: Breakfast at Fox & Obel

If you're wondering why I skipped from Day 2 to Day 4, it's because Sunday (Day 3) we met my cousin, his wife and their two kids at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Surprisingly the lunch we had (cheeseburgers and fries) was really good, but I didn't think to take a photo. For dinner that night we went to my aunt and uncle's for a cookout and I was too busy socializing to take pictures.

Monday, our departure day, we finally had a nice, big breakfast at what used to be our favorite spot, Fox & Obel. They're a gourmet supermarket that has a cafe in the back and they used to serve a fantastic breakfast. Alas, this breakfast didn't live up to year's past and we won't be going back next time. I ordered the Cobb omelet:

... which comes with chicken breast, tomato, scallion, Applewood smoked bacon, blue cheese and avocado and toast. The omelet was overcooked and there was too much filling, not to mention the potatoes were mealy and underseasoned. SP always gets the breakfast panini:

... with Gunthrop's Farm ham, gruyere cheese, and scrambled eggs on toast. His biggest complaint was that it was barely cooked on the panini press and the cheese wasn't melted. His potatoes suffered the same fate as mine. The upside is that we get to experiment with a new breakfast place next time we visit Chi-town.
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  1. This is one of my fave places for brunch and I love that it's like a 10 min walk from me!

  2. Neither of them really look all that appetizing :( Sorry breakfast was disappointing.

    Speaking of disappointing, I am still not over you guys not poppin' in to see us on your trip to Chicago!

  3. Next time your in town I recommend going to Orange. Giada went to it on one of her tv programs, and it is really good! Everything is very good, but i recommend the cinnamon roll pancakes (rich and delicious), an omlette, or the green eggs and ham (so good!). Also, you have to try the frushi- fruit sushi!


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