Monday, November 17, 2008

Chicken Tikka Masala

We've always loved this recipe for chicken tikka masala, but after making it on Thursday I'm wondering if I had ever marinated it overnight before. I must have done something different this time because the flavor was even better then I remembered.

The chicken marinates overnight in a yogurt and spice mixture and then you're supposed to grill it, but I never seem to make this during the warm months when grilling is easier. And I still haven't replaced my grill pan after the finish came off the last one, so I just cooked the chicken in a pan over very high heat. I had a minor mishap when I tried to make the sauce in the same pan and the yogurt mixture drippings started burning, but I just switched pans and everything was fine. Once again I served this over basmati rice (perfectly fluffy and tender) and it was a fantastic meal. I think I might leave in some more ribs and seeds from the jalapeno next time since the heat is a little tame for our tastes.
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  1. since the heat is a little tame for our tastes.

    Ah. Diners after my own heart. But you knew that.

    Glad this worked out so well since you were looking forward to it!

  2. Melissa - Oh man, it totally hit the spot! Next time we need naan to go with it.


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