Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cooking for a New Baby

Our next-door neighbors and good friends had their second daughter earlier this week. I thought it would be nice to bring over some food since I can imagine cooking is low on the priority list at the moment. The timing happened to work perfectly since they were coming home from the hospital on Friday and we were off from work that day. We woke up early and got busy in the kitchen making mac & cheese:

... meatballs and sauce:

... and pulled pork with SP's famous BBQ sauce:

Just look at how moist the pork was:

This was after it fell completely apart when I took it out of the crock pot. I knew it was going to be good when I saw it had bones and a nice cap of fat. SP snuck a few tastes and said it was sensational.

I hope everyone likes the food. We had a great time making it! Congrats K, D and Big Sister A on the birth of Baby E!
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  1. That pork looks amazing. I've noticed that a lean piece of meat in the crock pot just doesn't work as well... Slow cooking needs that fat! Your recipients are so lucky.

  2. How sweet of you. Everythings looks delicious. I'm sure they will love it all.

  3. You're a great friend, HC. Indeed.

    And the pork.. I would have had a few tastes too. It looks outstanding.

  4. That is so sweet of you!! I bet they really appreciated it! Mainly b/c the food looks super yummy! :)

  5. Great choices for a new mom! You are so sweet! And now my mouth is watering for pulled pork as well :)

  6. I gotta tell ya --- I like everything you post!!!

    You cook like I cook... all good stuff with big flavor. Good luck and Have A Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. a witt - Hi! Congrats again on Ruby! I definitely noticed a big difference when the meat had the bone and the huge fat cap. And it's certainly easy enough to remove the fat during shredding.

    Judy - Thanks! They were very appreciative.

    Melissa - Thanks! The pork looked so good and SP almost didn't want to give it up. :)

    Katie - Thank you! They were definitely happy to receive it.

    Colleen - The pulled pork was a huge hit. I thought the easy meals were the best.

    dadcooks - Thank you! I really appreciate hearing that. I try to just cook simple home cooking with great flavors. Have a great holiday!


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