Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day: Appetizers

We got to my parents house around noon, already starving. The house smelled amazing with the cooking turkey. My mom and I got right to work assembling the noshies:

... including olives:

... marinated mozzarella and sundried tomatoes:

... and fresh cooked shrimp with two dips (cocktail sauce and mayo mixed with grainy mustard:

Since pre-cooked shrimp rings from the supermarket tend to be overcooked and watery, I cooked the shrimp myself, with the shell still on, for only a minute and a half. I also made the two dips right before serving so they'd be fresh and tasty. We also had Boursin cheese and crackers:

I love Boursin cheese, with the pungent garlic and herb flavor. Yum! A great way to start the meal, although I have to admit I did overdo it a bit since I was so hungry.
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  1. Your appetizers sound so good. I have to go raid the frig now for another snack!!

  2. What a sophisticated Thanksgiving appetizer spread! Makes me hungry all over again!

  3. Oh yum!! For once, I see apps on a blog and I love them ALL! looks great!!

  4. Judy - Ha! Thanks. :)

    Pennies - Thank you! We really enjoyed it.

    Katie - Aww...thanks! :)

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