Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday Breakfast

We like to have hearty breakfast on Sundays, but this was more like lunch after a rather hectic morning.

SP bought some cheese with chunks of black truffle a few weeks ago. We didn't want the last little bit to go to waste so I shredded it and scrambled it with some eggs. I also cooked up some bacon and shredded potatoes cooked until they were crispy hash browns.

Speaking of truffles, a few years ago we went to a truffle brunch at a local restaurant. At the time we couldn't taste any of the earthiness of the truffles and just assumed we were in the lucky minority for whom the essence of truffles is lost. Then we tried this cheese and now we get it. The flavor was incredible. Yum! I don't know if our palates changed or if the truffle brunch was just lacking in flavor. Either way, we are now converts.
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  1. cheese with black truffles? I would love to taste that!

  2. I love your blog! I adore home cooking!

  3. I can only guess it was lacking in flavor the first go round. I LOVE truffle oil and I had truffle cheese about 3 months ago and OHMYGOD. Glad you guys got to experience it for what it was.

  4. Patsyk - It SO good. Nice and earthy.

    The Blonde Duck - Thank you!! :)

    Melissa - It was so weird, we honestly thought we couldn't taste them. I know some people can't.


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