Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Pioneer Woman Dinner

On Tuesday I decided to make two recipes I've had my eye on for awhile: Crispy Yogurt Chicken and Crash Hot Potatoes. Since we've been loving zucchini lately, I steamed some with a little garlic to round out the meal:

This was a great meal, but there were a few problems. For starters, I didn't read the recipes ahead of time so I was a little shocked when I saw that each needed to cook for about an hour. Not ideal for a weeknight meal. I used regular russet potatoes for the Crash Hot Potatoes and it worked just fine. Look at that gorgeous crispiness:

I used a combo of herbs from my garden, including rosemary, chives, thyme and parsley on the potatoes. They were fantastic and I love when the skin is crispy enough for me to actually eat.

As for the chicken, the flavor was great but it wasn't crispy at all:

... which is kind of a problem considering the name of the dish is Crispy Yogurt Chicken. In all fairness, I used boneless, skinless chicken breasts, so maybe this is something that requires whole chicken pieces, skin and all. I think the next time I make this I'll marinate the chicken in the yogurt mixture overnight because as the recipe stands now there wasn't enough flavor from the yogurt mixture.

All in all a great meal, but definitely something I'll reserve for a weekend.
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  1. I made the crash hot potatoes once. Yours look much better... which is why I didn't post mine.

    Sorry about the lack of crisp. I think you're right though, about the whole pieces, and this would serve better during a day with more time.

  2. Melissa - The potatoes were amazing. I'm sorry yours didn't turn out that good. I'm definitely making this again with a whole chicken cut into pieces. And on a weekend.

  3. i made the potatoes one night and nuked em instead of boiling.

    i made the chicken and mine wasnt crispy either. but then again i have never used panko and it turn out crispy. it either falls completely off or its much. im glad to finally know im not the only person that this has happened to

  4. deLa - Ah! Genius! Nuking makes perfect sense.

    Yeah, I was disappointed by the lack of crispiness, but I think skin-on chicken might hold the panko better. It's worth a shot anyway.


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