Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chicken Spanakopita Burgers, Fries with Yogurt Sauce

I printed this recipe for Chicken Spanakopita Burgers awhile ago but never got around to making them. After the success of the Chicken Cobb Burger I decided to finally give this meal a try.

I assembled and froze the burgers on Sunday since I knew I'd be working late last week. They cooked up perfectly:

... topped with tomato, sliced cucumber and red onion. SP had misread the list and didn't buy me roasted red peppers, so I improvised and made a black olive and parsley mayo instead. We had waffle fries in the freezer so I cooked those until they were nice and crispy:

It was a good, simple meal, especially making the burgers ahead of time. I think if the burgers had been grilled they would have been even better, but the flavors were still great.

The one thing I'd do differently is decrease the amount for the sauces. As it is I used only 4 ounces of Greek yogurt and it made a ton of sauce.
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  1. Great idea making the burgers ahead of time! I need to do that kind of thing more often. these look great!

  2. Now THAT is my kind of burger!!


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