Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cashew Chicken

I saw this recipe for Cashew Chicken on the blog of one of the girls on my cooking board. It seemed like an easy enough recipe for a weeknight, especially since SP loves Cashew Chicken.

I loved the colors in this dish and the flavors were good. I followed the recipe pretty closely, although I did add more cashews because we really like them. SP thought it should have been sweeter, but I liked the spiciness from the red pepper flakes. I think next time I'll double the recipe so we have more leftovers.

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  1. I too, like the colors of this dish! Great job :)

  2. I like this dish. I often make it with corn, carrots and of course tons of cashew nuts :-)

  3. YUM! That looks soooo delicious! I LOVE cashews...unfortunately DH is allergic. :( Maybe I'll just come over for some. ;)

  4. Joelen - Thanks!

    Leica - Tons of cashews...yes!

    Katie - Awww...bummer about him being allergic. Come on over anytime!

  5. I would love this dish, it looks great! I am a big fan of cashews!

    Just found your blog from Leftover Queen's Finest Foodies Fridays...congrats on the write up! You have a great blog!

  6. I ALWAYS order cashew chicken when we go out for Chinese food. YUM!

  7. Aggie - Hello and welcome. :) Thanks for stopping by! I hope you try this's really good!

    Cate - This is probably a healthier version and it tastes great!


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