Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Fat Rabbit Returns

I got home this evening, opened the back curtain and there he was - Fat Rabbit:

Am I crazy or is this a seriously fat rabbit? He just seems very large to me. He was in the middle of the yard so I was able to get a better shot of him. When SP got home he was none too pleased. I had to stop him from opening the back door and yelling, "Stop eating my yard!" He does have a point, of course, especially since we're hoping to grow vegetables and herbs this summer. He wants to put chicken wire under the fence. If he does it properly, it will mean no more Fat Rabbit sightings, which does make me sad but then again, I'd rather have my vegetables and herbs then be Club Med to a bunch of rabbits. Even if they're really cute.
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  1. Ummm...when do rabbits have their litters?

  2. Glad I'm not the only one thinking that...maybe he's a she.

    And imagine if she was a woman and you said something like "my you've gained a lot of weight" or worse yet, the opposite "Are you pregnant?"

  3. Psychgrad - Oh boy...something I'll need to look up!

    longhair - Nice!

  4. i can tell you that the squirrels were "doin' it" in the back yard this past weekend while we were getting ready for dinner.


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