Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Florentine Mac & Cheese

I saw Rachael Ray make this recipe for Florentine Mac and Cheese recently and it looked fantastic. I decided to make it without the chicken meatballs:

While I liked the concept, I didn't like the finished product. There was way too much spinach and not enough sauce. I ended up adding a few splashes of milk after I took it off the stove because it was just too thick. And there wasn't much of a cheesy flavor. I'd try doing a spinach mac & cheese again, but I'd probably use my usual recipe (with a touch more milk or stock) and add the spinach.

I served it with a zucchini salad I swear I saw her make with this meal, but it wasn't on the website in the same version she made. I used a potato peeler to make long strips of zucchini before tossing it with the dressing, which was tangy with a nice bite from the Dijon mustard. Definitely something I'll make again.
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  1. yes, the zucchini looks great - but I agree about the mac & cheese. you make such great m&c on its own, just add spinach to it and I'm sure it would be *wonderful*.

    damn I still need to make homemade mac & cheese.

  2. that zucchini looks and sounds great - I will definitely have to try it that way!

  3. Melissa - I love spinach but this didn't work for me. Such a bummer because stovetop mac & cheese is so much easier!

    Cara - The zucchini was really tasty!


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