Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Plantings

Here they are, like pretty maids all in a row. Last summer, being our first in the new house, we weren't quite settled enough for me to think about a garden. This year I decided I couldn't miss the chance to grow fresh herbs and tomatoes, so this weekend we went out and got four different kinds of tomatoes and a small rosemary plant. I still need to get basil and I might do peppers and other herbs as well.

Unfortunately yesterday was sunny and in the 70s and today is overcast and in the 50s. I thought for sure we were past the last frost, but tonight they're calling for temps in the 30s. Hopefully a few days in the garage will keep them warm enough until the temperature rises again.

A friend of my mother's gave us a rose bush, which we also planted today:

It doesn't look like much now but I was assured it would be flowering in no time. My mom couldn't remember what color the roses would be so it'll be a nice surprise later in the summer. Don't mind the weeds and other debris around the rose bush. We still need to dig a bed and layer in some mulch and other flowers. For now we're enjoying the flowers that have popped up at random in the yard:

Such a vibrant purple. I love spring!
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  1. There's nothing better than fresh herbs and fresh tomatoes, is there?

  2. I'm jealous of your little garden! Unfortunately, I think ours is going to have to wait until next year...Here's hoping your plants make it through the frost! (Sheesh, frost in April! Spring really needs to arrive for good!)

  3. Snooty - I can't wait for the first "harvest." LOL! I hope we actually get some tomatoes this year. I'm not worried about the basil and rosemary since they're both hardy, but we are definitely going to need wire fencing to keep the rabbits away.

    Cassie - Aww...I'm sorry you can't do a garden. Even a container garden (a little pot of basil or rosemary) would be a great thing in the kitchen. :) I couldn't believe how cold it got - it was so hot we were actually too hot in the house on Saturday and then yesterday the heat kicked on! Crazy.


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