Thursday, April 03, 2008

Salmon Florentine and Lemon Broccoli

I was watching the Food Network last weekend and Ellie Krieger's show came on. She was making a few things that looked tasty, like Salmon Florentine and Lemon Broccoli:

The salmon was really good, if a little dry. We're trying to be healthy and eat more fish, so this was a great meal. The episode this meal came from was about super foods, salmon and spinach being two of them. The spinach mixture was really good, with a little creaminess from the ricotta cheese. I left out the sundried tomatoes because SP isn't a fan, but I'm sure they'd be fantastic in here.

I was going to use broccolini like the recipe calls for, but the small bundles I found in my supermarket were $3 each - way too steep for my budget. There were maybe 5 pieces per bundle. I would have needed 4 bundles just to make a meal. I subbed broccoli and it worked just fine. Some rice (white, not brown...I just can't get into brown rice) finished off the meal.

I think something is wrong with my camera because all the good shots came out blurry. I'll have to check the settings.
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  1. Never been much for salmon or broccoli, but you've just made it look absolutely delicious! Thanks!

  2. I've been seriously loving Ellie. I'll have to check her new book I got to see if this recipe is in it.

  3. D1 loves fish and broccoli so I might have to refer to this recipe. SOME DAY.

  4. JJ - You're welcome! :)

    Dani - I need to make more of her recipes. Some of them sound really good when I watch her show and now that I know how well this turned out I'm anxious to try more.

    her-mrs - HI!!!! I'm so glad to see you. :)


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