Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Burger and Fries

The weather people have been so off lately. They called for rain on Sunday, but no rain ever materialized. We took the opportunity to grill some burgers:

I mixed the meat with the leftover salad dressing from the zucchini salad I had made earlier in the week (Dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar, oil and grated red onion). We topped our burgers with cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and sliced red onion. They were meaty and flavorful, but I don't think I packed the meat tightly enough because they started to fall apart on the grill. I made some oven fries but I'm quickly becoming disillusioned by fries baked in the oven. They never, ever get crispy, even when I overcook them and use my baking stone.
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  1. oooo I love the idea of the dressing from that salad mixed into the meat. really nice. I am craving a good burger lately.

    I hear you on the fries thing. I should go on a quest to find a good recipe for fries. I was planning on trying bison (!) burgers this weekend and I would love to make a good batch of fries to go with them.

  2. Melissa - Oooh...bison. Interesting! I am so disappointed with commercial fries. These were Ore-Ida, so I was shocked that they weren't very good. I hate deep-frying because it's so messy, but it seems to be the only way to get a good result from commercial fries. I love making my own, but sometimes that can be too time-consuming.

  3. We're on the same page with the oven fries. They always seem limp, like.. never mind.


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