Friday, March 02, 2007

Breakfast For Dinner

Best laid plans and all that....

On Wednesday I was all set to make garlic cheddar chicken. Then SP calls me on his way home to say he forgot the chicken in the fridge at work. This is yet another example of why I hate rushing my food shopping. I always make a menu for the week and then write out the list based on the menu. Due to the impending snow storm last Sunday, we had to rush through that whole process and I ended up forgetting a bunch of things. I hate making little trips to the store during the week.

So instead of garlic cheddar chicken, I made breakfast for dinner:

... Rachael Ray's Canadian Benny's, which are quite popular at our house. I didn't have heavy cream so I used half-and-half and I subbed regular bacon for the Canadian variety, but it still tasted great.
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  1. I must see this garlic cheddar chicken recipe. It sounds oh so delicious.

  2. C Laz - As soon as I actually get around to making it, I'll definitely post about it. It's been on the menu for three weeks so hopefully this week it'll happen!


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