Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dinner With The Neighbors

Since we moved to the new house a few months ago we've become friendly with our next door neighbors, D, K and Baby A. From the moment we met they've known about my love of cooking, so it only seemed appropriate to have them over for dinner.

I chose a comfort food menu partly because I've made these dishes so many times I could do them in my sleep, but also because they are so familiar and, well, comforting.

Ever since the first time I made Tyler's Ultimate Meatloaf it has been a huge hit in our house. It takes awhile to prepare the red pepper relish, but it's worth the extra effort.

And really, how can you go wrong when something is topped with bacon?

I rounded out the meal with simple mashed potatoes and Rachael Ray's garlic chili roasted broccoli:

K made a delicious chocolate chocolate-chip bundt cake for dessert:

... that was moist, creamy and very chocolately.
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  1. That's too funny! Both of us with our meatloaf posts! Great minds think alike. Yours looks awesome!


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