Sunday, March 11, 2007

Pizza Friday

Pizza Friday almost didn't happen this week.

I always buy my dough from the same Italian bakery. Usually I buy enough to last me the entire month so I'm not driving out there every week. This week was the week I ran out, but when I went to the bakery they didn't have any dough in their refrigerator or freezer. When I asked the woman if they had any pizza dough she told me someone had come in and bought 15 balls of dough, which cleaned them out. Luckily there is a pizza parlor next door so I went in there and bought some dough for my bacon and garlic pizza:

The crust was noticably different with this dough. It tasted more like pizza you'd get out in a restaurant, chewier and more substantial. It was quite good.
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  1. You know what? The pizza dough I buy from my local Italian grocer is also always un-pizza-like. Great idea just buying it from a pizza parlor!

  2. I went back to the Italian bakery this week and bought five balls of dough. I'm interested to see how this week's pizza differs from last week's. If it really is a huge different I think I might have to start buying dough only from a pizza parlor.


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