Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pizza Friday (and our cat makes a friend)

For Pizza Friday I made broccoli pizza with garlic and ricotta cheese. I'm not sure why, but there was something off-tasting about it. SP thought maybe the broccoli was old (we bought it from a different supermarket then we usually shop at) but I thought maybe it was because I layered the toppings wrong. Whatever the case, we weren't thrilled with it.

But the big news of the weekend was that our cat made a friend. I came downstairs this morning and heard him making a muffled meowing sound. I thought maybe he'd gotten locked in a closet or something, but it turned out that an outdoor cat had found his way into our fenced-in backyard. Our cat has no interaction with other animals (save for the two days he spent in the shelter before we adopted him), so I don't think he knew what to make of this other cat.

The face-off begins:

Can you see the size of our cat's tail? He was not amused by this trespasser. Here's the other cat trying to play:

... and our cat making his feeble attempt at defending his house. Look at that face! He was definitely not a stray - he had tags and a collar - and when he'd finally had enough showing off for our cat, he clawed his way up our fence into the next yard.

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  1. By "friend" do you mean "someone Dusty can claw into shreds?"

  2. See now, that's not nice. You know he doesn't have any claws.

  3. Oh bad. Considering the size of his poofed tail, I have a feeling he doesn't want any other felines around his parents!

  4. Hehe I think the term "friend" is used loosely here, but Dusty did do well to just stand his ground rather than hiss and growl and scrape at the door! Or was that just uncaptured by the camera? Hehe :)

  5. Katie - oh there was definitely some hissing and growling, but he has no claws so he couldn't do any scratching even if he wanted to. I think he was comforted by the glass between him and the other cat. :) He's a huge baby!


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