Friday, March 16, 2007


I had made plans to have lunch with a friend today but Mother Nature got in the way. I can't believe it was 79 degrees on Wednesday and today it is snowing/sleeting/raining. Spring, where are you?

I consoled myself with nachos:

... made with cheddar cheese, minced pickled jalapenos, salsa, scallions and sour cream layered with tortilla chips. If I'd had sliced black olives I would have added those too. They were tasty, but I still wish the weather was nicer. Hurry up spring!!
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  1. Mmmm those nachos look really nice! :) I noticed that you weren't updating with pics lately - I'm glad the problem is solved, silly blogger! :)

  2. Remember when you made the nachos with Doritos and I was telling you about tortilla chips? These are what I meant. Were you ever able to find these?

    Yeah, it was driving me crazy. I use a Mac and apparently when they first fixed the problem it was only fixed for PCs. But now, obviously, they've fixed the problem for everyone. I'm glad to be back!

  3. THC - I'll try to find tortilla chips, I mean, we MUST have them in Australia! And I'll give it a go when I do! I'm glad they fixed the problem - it must have been annoying!!

  4. I guess I shouldn't mention that it is 90+ degrees here in Phoenix, so we are all enjoying margaritas and nacho poolside. :o)

    Your nachos look great! Yum! And you did a great job with the layering.

  5. Seth - thanks for rubbing it in! :) Luckily it's supposed to be back in the 70s by Friday, but my house is freezing today and we still have a mountain of snow to deal with.


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