Thursday, October 26, 2006

More Pierogies and Broccoli

This is what happens when you belong to a wholesale club: end up with 5 pounds of pierogies, thus necessitating pierogies with broccoli every few weeks. I'm sure I could vary the way I cook the pierogies, but I truly love this combination and can't imagine enjoying them any other way.
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  1. I LOVE Perogies! I think I have some in the freezer from Costco, but D won't let me make anything that isn't from scratch anymore. HAHA!! What do we do with all our freezer food now? (Schwan's has mourned the loss of our business since D's turned into master chef-tress!)

    But now I want perogies... me thinks I'll make some soon when D's not looking. (hehe)

  2. Hehe. She's really on fire with her cooking these days! But you can't let a freezer full of food go to waste. And I must sayt, this pierogie preparation is to die for! Maybe you can sneak into the kitchen one night and cook for her. :)


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