Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Guess He Found a New Spot

You know how I just posted about our cat loving the closet in the second bedroom? The other night I swore I heard him rustling around in my husband's gym bag, which he left on the floor next to his dresser, but when I looked in the bag I didn't see any obvious cat hair so I didn't think anything of it. Imagine my surprise when I got home today and this is what I saw when I walked into our bedroom:

Do you think he looks comfy? He was so proud of himself that instead of bolting when he saw the camera, he sat there preening and rubbing his face all over the bag. Nice. He left the bag for a quick head pat by yours truly, then hopped right back in. He's in there right now and quite thrilled to be there.
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  1. I love your kitty. He is so sweet and looks so comfy in the bag.

  2. He sure does look comfy! I read your other recent post about finding your cat in the closet as well. Late one night, I quickly grabbed something in our hall closet and closed the door. Our cat, Grace, snuck in there without me hearing or seeing her. I didn't know the better until morning. She didn't scratch or meow. Poor thing! Wasn't much room in there either!

  3. Haha, I'm a sucker for cats. They're so cute, adorable and annoying all at the same time, aren't they?

  4. My cats are constantly finding goofy spots to sleep (and play in for that matter : ). They're such great animals, aren't they? : )your cat is adorable btw

  5. I haven't been owned by a cat in quite some time...I miss it. Your kitty is a cutie!

  6. That's so cute. Especially that he was all proud of himself and whatnot heheh.

    What is it about those materials? I have a bag like that which I carry to work, our friend Matt also has a bag like that in which he brings over his Xbox 360 crap on the weekends... and invariably you will find Andy lying on them from time to time, getting her fur everywhere. :P

  7. Judy - Thank you! We think he's adorable. :)

    Jodi - Oh no!! The same thing happened to our cat (in the closet from the other picture). He went in there, we closed the door and he was in there the better part of the day. He looked stunned when he finally got out.

    Gaga - That they are, that they are!

    Laura - Thank you! We love him to pieces.

    Julie - Thank you! I love how you say owned by a cat. :)

    Melissa - He really wanted to show off, which is unusual for him. :) I don't know why cats like to sleep on the things they do. Ours loves newspapers and the cat I had growing up loved shoes. Beats me!


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