Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fellow Bloggers: I Need Your Help!

One of my goals for this year is to improve my photography skills. I've been using the same camera (a Sony Cybershot) since 2004 and while it works just fine, I know a lot of advances have been made in digital photography since we purchased this camera. I'm hoping to get a new camera for Christmas so this is where you guys come in. There are way, way too many choices in digital cameras and wading through the reviews got overwhelming. Then it dawned on me - why not ask my fellow bloggers what they use. Who better to recommend (or not recommend) a camera then the people who use it every day to do exactly what I do.

I have only a few requirements:

1) Must be less than $300
2) Takes good photos in all types of settings
3) If it had a food photography setting that would be a plus
4) Small enough to fit in a purse so I'm not lugging around a behemoth

If you have a recommendation I would greatly appreciate it. Just leave me a comment!
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  1. I have a Canon SD200...the pictures are great!

    The newest version of that camera is the SD1000, and it's priced a little below 200 bucks. I love the macro feature on Canon's and would highly recommend it :)

  2. I have a Canon SD900 which I love.

    But as for food photography... any camera will do. All you need to do is learn how to set the white balance for the specific lighting you are in, and also use the Macro setting when you are taking shots up close. All digital cameras on the market have these 2 features.

  3. 3rd vote for a Canon Powershot SD series. Great little cams that take amazing photos for the size.

    I've had SD100, SD600, and SD800, all of which rocked.

  4. I can't wait to see the answers for this because I need a better camera too!

  5. Have you seen my pics? I don't think you want me to recommend a camera lol...

  6. Check out Pioneer Woman's photography page. I'm sure she mentions what camera she has and it seems to this novice that her photos are great.

    Joan S

  7. Stay with the's what I have and why fix something that's not broke. AND being a former photographer I can tell you that a better camera won't help you take better pictures...only practice can do that, and you're well on your way!


  8. Amy, Kristi, Tombo - Thank you! That's definitely on my list to check out.

    Anonymous - Unfortunately PW uses a very expensive Nikon (plus she uses PhotoShop to touch-up everything). I could look into the inexpensive Nikon Coolpix though.

    longhair - Thanks! I'm definitely getting a new camera because our current Cybershot is too bulky to carry around, but the newer Cybershot is on my short list.

  9. Our Cuber shot fits in my pocket...i like it a lot, and it has a decent assortment of features including spot metering and I think selective focus.

    Photoshop? There's no need for Photoshop if you take good pictures :)

    I gues if you wanted to swap out SP's head for some meatballs, then it would be helpful, but otherwise...

  10. Totally all about the Canon Digital Elph Powershot. I have recommended it to three people, they all love it. It has a metal casing so it is protected from bumps and little incidentals. It fits in my purse, and I carry a small purse. Also fits in my hubby's pocket. Mine has started making a weird noise, but working still. I am fully prepared for when it breaks, I am going to buy the SD1100 - a big step up from my SD2--something. I have been nothing but pleased!

  11. I use a Canon PowerShot S5IS point and shoot. It is a lot like Ivoryhut who guest posts on PW's photo site. I love it. Got if off of eby for $300.


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