Saturday, October 25, 2008

Comfy Closet Cat

As any cat owner knows cats love to find new and interesting places to sleep. Recently we couldn't find our cat, until we looked in the closet in the second bedroom. We had left the door slightly open and he'd made himself a little bed using my fleece jacket that had fallen off the hanger. Seeing as the temperature keeps dropping, I needed to reclaim my coat. The other day he was sleeping on our bed, so I swapped the fleece for a large towel I got at my work conference. The cat must not have minded the switch because he was back in the closet this afternoon:

He just looks so cute all snuggled up in there.
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  1. I love it! Our dogs recently adopted the closet as their new nest :)

  2. God, remember the time whiskers was lost at your place? She was downstairs behind the bookcase.

  3. Amy - I guess they're all hunkering down for the winter. :)

    Melissa - You need to post more pics of your girl.

    longhair - I DO remember that! We searched everywhere for her. How she got back there I'll never know.


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