Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Breakfast Sandwich

We had some leftover biscuits from the batch SP made on Saturday so Sunday morning (after a very long but very productive trip to the wholesale club) I made us breakfast sandwiches:

These were like a kicked-up version of a McDonald's biscuit sandwich, with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese (SP had Swiss) and two slices of crispy bacon. These were so good we didn't speak to each other the entire time we were eating.
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  1. that is totally my kind of breakfast sandwich! Yum!!

  2. Yesterday I made breakfast burritos with the same ingredients. The great thing was, I individuallt wrapped them and stuck them in the freezer for a fast breakfast on busy mornings!


  3. Patsyk - It was fantastic!

    Janine - I love doing that! I haven't made breakfast burritos in awhile...thanks for reminding me.

  4. I made burritos last weekend. SO GOOD.

    Ahhh, speechless meals. :)


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