Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chicken Braised in White Wine

I saw this recipe for Chicken Braised in White Wine over at Good Things Catered and knew it would be a winner. What's not to like about bone-in chicken cooked slowly in a pool of yummy wine? Add in some onions, mushrooms and potatoes and you've got a one-pot meal (which I'm all about these days!) I also steamed some green beans for an added vegetable.

The chicken was a gorgeous golden-brown color from the initial cooking, but once it was covered in delicious sauce it looked even better. I served this family-style on a large platter with the chicken and all the vegetables.

The steamed green beans were crisp-tender and provided a nice color contrast.

My plate:

... with a piece of chicken, potatoes, mushrooms and onions and green beans. It was a delicious meal. Thanks Katie!
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  1. This looks amazing. Maybe we should have this for our GTG after all!

  2. OH YUMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! Seriously, it looks SOOOOO good in your pic! I can NEVER take good pics of meats like that. Don't you love cooking it down into a gravy instead of keeping it soupy? So much better. yum! I want to make this again now! :)

  3. Jenn - It was yummy, but it's more of a one-pot meal and I don't know if it would work with everything else. But you should definitely make it for dinner soon!

    Katie - Thank you SO much for posting the recipe. I can't wait to do the sausages with ale and the chicken with olives. I love, love, love olives!

  4. I LOVE this dish - so glad you posted it! Yours looks delicious!

  5. So glad you posted this. I love cooking wine - and drinking wine. Cooking and drinking, two of my favorite things!

  6. Yeah, there's no way this would be bad. I wanted it for lunch the minute I saw it. Yum.


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