Sunday, June 03, 2007


Last night SP had another gig, but after a stressful week at work all I felt like doing was watching a movie and getting takeout for dinner. We've found an excellent sushi restaurant in town so that's where I went for my food.

I ordered three rolls - spicy tuna, tuna and avocado and the spicy rock roll, which is one of their special rolls :

The tuna and avocado roll was stellar, with large chunks of creamy, buttery avocado and smooth-as-silk tuna:

One of the things we love about this restaurant is that their spicy tuna roll is not just packed with large chunks of tuna in a spicy sauce, but they top the cut-up roll with a huge mound of even more spicy tuna:

The spicy rock roll is a sinful indulgence, mainly because it's more than twice the price of the regular rolls, but also because it is a combination of everything we love about sushi - spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, salmon and roe:

An innards shot of the spicy rock roll:

The first time we got this roll we were stumped by the outer wrapping, which almost melted in our mouths. We asked the waitress and she said it was a soy wrapper. The other times we've had this roll the wrapper has been pink but this time it was bright green:

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  1. Ooooh, sushi! One of the reasons my job is okay some days - they paid for us to have sushi for lunch last week. I actually have developed a taste for spicy tuna!

  2. Seriously!? They pay for you guys to eat sushi!? I am SO insanely jealous. :) We rarely eat it because our tastes run towards the expensive when it comes to sushi. The last time we had it was in March when we celebrated my new job.

  3. You guys stink...I wanted suchi darnit...and here it is like a slap in the face :)

  4. AD - Does it make you feel any better that as I was eating it I thought of you? No? I didn't think so. I didn't want to leave SP out of the suchi fun, but in retrospect we probably should have just gone without him. I'm infinitely sorry. Next time, I promise!


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