Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cheesy Orzo and Tomatoes

Sometimes I need to listen to my gut (literally!) With SP at band practice tonight and me having to work late I was going to stop off and get some takeout for dinner. But then a horrific storm passed through our area, knocking out our work server, and I ended up leaving work early with plenty of time to make dinner. We had been planning to have cheesy orzo sometime soon so I figured I'd make that.

While the dish itself was fine, it wasn't at all what I wanted for dinner and just generally seemed doomed from the start. First off, we were almost completely out of chicken stock so I had to make this using half chicken stock and half water, resulting in bland orzo. Then I went to chop the basil I was planning to mix in and all of it had gone bad. Water had somehow gotten into the sealed plastic bag and the basil was mush. And when I got out the mozzarella I discovered that the pound and a half we had in our fridge (one brick wasn't even open) expired almost 2 weeks ago.

In addition to the orzo I shallow-fried the pork chops SP was going to cook last night. I breaded them in egg and bread crumbs and then fried them in some vegetable oil. Since the chops were on the thick side they took awhile to cook through. I had half a chop with my dinner and it was dried out. I know SP will eat them, but by this point I just gave up on the hope of having a satisfying dinner.

I think the lesson here is that I shouldn't have cooked tonight. While I usually enjoy cooking when I'm stressed, inevitably the end result isn't very good. Sometimes you just need someone else manning the stove.
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  1. Sometimes you have to throw the towel in and order out. The husband is working the AM radio shift (4:30) and late in the PM (after midnight!) on refurbishing his company work van so I've been on my own this week for dinner. I made beef barley soup Monday night but it was nothing to write home about. After I read your post on Roast Pork Egg Foo Young yesterday I decided to order take out for dinner! Best decision I've made this week! :)

  2. Jessy - I should have done takeout for sure! SP feels so bad since he's been in charge of dinner this week and nothing has gone right. Hopefully whatever he's making tonight will be good!


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