Saturday, June 09, 2007

Burgers and Corn

Tonight we experimented with grilled corn on the cob, which turned out quite well for being something we decided to do at the last second.

We put the corn on the grill de-husked in order to get those nice caramelized bits (which were a bit too much for me but SP loved them). Once the ears came off the grill I slathered them with a basil mayo.

We also did burgers, which weren't quite as good as last time's but were still tasty. I just think the beef at the gourmet supermarket tastes better. I also cooked us each a fried egg to go on top, but I couldn't taste mine with all the other toppings.

Because of my hectic work schedule in the coming weeks I've finally ceded control of the kitchen to SP. I had absolutely no hand in planning this week's menu, which means I don't know what he's making or when he's making it. In a way it's very freeing but it also makes me sad because I'm so stressed out and busy that I'm not even interested in cooking.

Someone wake me when it's July.
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  1. The corn looks amazing! Just bought some today, will have to try that basil mayo!

  2. Grilled corn is a wonderful thing. Corn isn't in season yet so this is a great way to make so-so corn taste amazing. :)


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