Saturday, June 30, 2007

Alfresco Breakfast

While I was away for work last week the last piece of our patio set finally arrived. Since then we haven't eaten a single meal outside because it's either been raining or hotter than Hades. This morning we opened all the windows in the house since SP decided to paint the foyer and in doing so realized that it was a gorgeous morning. I whipped up a quick breakfast and we sat out back, eating and reading the paper in the cool morning breeze.

I raided the fridge for leftovers that I could scramble together with some eggs. I cooked garlic, red onion and scallions before realizing that the leftover tomatoes I was going to add had started to grow mold. That's when I found leftover baby spinach so I added that to the pan before adding the eggs. Some leftover shredded mozzarella cheese finished out the dish. It was OK, but the tomatoes would have been really good.

Since I haven't posted any cat pictures in awhile, here's our cat sleeping peacefully in the sun:

... and here he is giving me that look that says, "Why do you insist on bothering me with your incessant picture-taking? Can't you see I'm trying to relax here?"

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  1. Spinach in eggs? I've never seen it but I'd still eat that in a second! Sounds eggcelent. :)

    Yay Dusty!

  2. Aww those are the cutest cat pictures ever! That is so a look I know well! And I am jealous that you get the heat and the warm breezes - swap? Pretty please? :D

  3. C Laz - you've never seen eggs with spinach before? It's actually a pretty popular combo (Eggs Florentine). But no matter, now that you know about it you should definitely try it. Tasty and good for you at the same time!

    Katie - Awww...thanks! We think he's just the cutest thing ever. :) Usually he jumps up as soon as he hears the camera turn on so I miss the cute shots, but this time he was just too comfy in the sun to be bothered. I know how you feel about the heat and warm breezes - I've been jealous of you guys for months!

  4. Oh yes! Our cats, especially Pixel, always give me that look when they see the camera's out. Hahaha. Haven't had scrambled eggs for a while, your post makes me feel like having some as soon as possible! :-P


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