Friday, December 22, 2006

Pizza Friday

After a few weeks of pizza with red sauce and various toppings, we decided to do something completely different this week:

... broccoli pizza. I chopped two small heads of broccoli into small bite-size pieces and sauteed it in some olive oil with minced garlic, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper. I layered half the mozzarella first, then the broccoli mixture and then the remaining mozzarella. It was almost perfect, but it needed a little something. In pizza parlors they usually put dollops of ricotta on broccoli pizza, but SP said he didn't want to do that for ours. He thought it wasn't necessary. Then as we were eating he turns to me and says, "It definitely needs the ricotta." Guess there's always next time.
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  1. I have fond memories of eating broccoli/ricotta slices at a Sbarro knockoff at the McKinley Mall just outside Buffalo as a teenager. The ricotta adds that creamy richness to the pizza that the chewy mozzarella lacks a bit. Call me crazy, but I wonder if it would have been tasty with a slathering of bleu cheese on the crust, like you do with the Chicken Wing Pizza. How funny, both your pizzas have Buffalo connections for me.
    Oooh, last night we made a Digiorno frozen pizza made with organic flour, spinach and tomatoes and garlic. It was... OK. I enjoy a frozen pizza now and again, taking it for what it is, but even bad pizza is still pretty good. But this is the first time Jay and I weren't fighting each other for the last piece. We actually threw out a piece.

  2. That's what SP was saying...that it needed the texture contrast of the creamy ricotta.

    Blue cheese...I don't know. It might have been OK, but I definitely think ricotta would have been the best choice.

    You guys should definitely try making your own pizza. In the time it takes to bake one of the frozen ones you could have made one from scratch. And it would taste a whole lot better.


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