Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ginger, Garlic and Scallion Shrimp

Since we were on a strict budget leading up to the purchase of our house, shrimp was a luxury we couldn't afford. Now that we've jumped the initial home-buying hurdle, recipes like Rachael Ray's Ginger, Garlic and Scallion Shrimp can rejoin our repertoire.

Tonight's rendition:

... was the best I ever made. Now I know what The Food Pornographer means when she says the shrimp were "bursty."

After marinating the shrimp in the egg white, cornstarch, sugar, salt and pepper mixture, I drained them in a colander to remove the excess egg white. In the past I haven't done this and the extra egg white sticks to the bottom of the pan and prevents the shrimp from getting a nice crust.

I also experimented with my rice recipe and instead of my usual mushy, wet rice I ended up with dry, fluffy rice. I didn't know you should let rice sit with the lid on for 5-10 minutes after it finishes cooking so all the water can be absorbed. Now I know, thanks to the good folks at Chowhound.
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  1. This looks yummy! I have been wanting shrimp and think that I'm going to have to insist we have some when I'm home over Christmas. Because my brother loves shrimp, I know that this idea will go over well!

  2. This recipe couldn't be easier, which is another reason it's such a favorite in our house. It literally takes 5 minutes to cook the shrimp part of the dish. And it's incredibly flavorful to boot! Can't go wrong with that. :)

  3. I'm not a big seafood eater, but that looks really good. I might give it a go some time. I love your blog. :)

  4. Hi Katy! Glad to hear you like my blog. :)

    If there was ever a seafood dish to try, this would be the one. It has so much flavor from the garlic and ginger.

  5. Oooooh, that looks delicious! My kind of meal! I'm chuffed you now know the joy of bursty shrimp. :-)

  6. tfp - I always wondered what you meant by bursty and then I ate these shrimp and instantly knew. I think I outdid myself. :)


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