Monday, March 31, 2014

March Re-Make Recap

Wow, March was a busy month! I was so happy when we set the clocks ahead an hour. I love, love, love that extra hour of daylight at the end of the day. I finally have natural light in the evening again. And we officially welcomed Spring, although Mother Nature doesn't seem to have gotten the memo yet.

It was another busy month in the kitchen and boy did I remake a lot of recipes this month! I don't think the list has ever been this long. Whenever I write these posts I find myself salivating over all the dishes I made and wanting to make them all again.


With all the cold weather we've been having, perfect roast chicken has been remade often. This is such a simple recipe that packs a lot of flavor. I love a good roast chicken dinner on a cold Sunday.

crispy potatoes

We've been eating these oven roasted potatoes a lot this winter. They're a great side dish that can double as French fries. I love them dipped in various sauces. They're so easy to prepare and come out perfect every time.


SP loved these black bean tacos with feta and slaw so much he insisted I make them again the following week. I love how simple these are but they don't skimp on flavor. These were a big hit with all three of us and I know I'll be making them often this summer.

Shrimp pasta with lemon cream sauce

I wanted to remake this angel hair with shrimp in lemon cream sauce but since shrimp are so expensive I swapped out the shrimp for chicken. It worked beautifully. I don't know why but the lemon cream sauce is just so delicious.

These remake recaps wouldn't be complete with the Texas Roadhouse salads. It's always our go-to salad.

I love this recipe for tilapia francese. Whenever I buy a club pack of frozen tilapia I always make this recipe at least once. The sauce is delectable and the coating gets nice and crispy. Definitely a family favorite.


This month I remade one of my favorites side dishes: creamed spinach. I've loved creamed spinach since I was a kid and I love having a homemade version to make whenever I want it.

I made a double batch of these homemade refried beans to take to a Mexican themed dinner at our friend's house. I always love sharing this recipe with new people because they're always blown away by how good they are.

It had been awhile since I last made these Hawaiian chicken sandwiches. I can't go too long without eating them. I've always loved them but it warms my heart that Baby Girl is also a big fan. She finally loves pineapple and managed to put away an entire adult-sized sandwich. What can I say, the kid can eat.

Sometimes I like to make a lighter dinner for a change. I remembered this veggie frittata from one of the recipe swaps. I love that it's packed with healthy vegetables and plenty of protein from the eggs to be a filling dinner.


Whenever I don't know what to make with ground beef I turn to taco rice. I probably make it at least once or twice a month. It's always delicious and the whole family loves it.

corned beef

We decided to bring corned beef and cabbage with herb-buttered potatoes to my parent's house for Sunday dinner this year. They couldn't stop raving about how good this was and I have to agree - it's such a great recipe. It's a shame we only make it once a year.

grasshopper brownies

St. Patrick's Day wouldn't be complete with these grasshopper mint brownies. I sent most of them to work with SP and, once again, they were a big hit.


I've been wanting to remake this chicken with prosciutto and brie for ages but kept being put off by the cost of prosciutto. I needed it for another recipe so I decided to get a full pound so I could make this dish. Man, it this an amazing meal. I cooked up 5 chicken breasts so we'd be sure to have plenty of leftovers and it was just barely enough. We all just wanted to keep eating.

Since SP had a work dinner one night I decided to make Greek pita pizzas. SP isn't a big fan of Greek food so this was a perfect dinner for me and Baby Girl. Simple and hearty.

One Sunday my mom asked me to make crispy baked zucchini fries to go with our dinner. I doubled this recipe and the four of us (Baby Girl still isn't a fan of these for some odd reason) inhaled the entire batch. Good thing they're pretty healthy.

crispy fish

I can't get enough of this crispy fish recipe. I'm so glad we've started eating more fish - I really love it. This may not be the healthiest version but it's truly delicious.

creamy noodles2

I finally got around to remaking these creamy noodles with spinach after not having any spinach the last time I made them. I loved that the spinach made this a complete veggie and starch side dish. I made a whole bag of egg noodles so we'd have plenty leftover, but we all loved these so much there was just enough for lunches.


I had a craving for these pepperoni pizza sliders this month. I'd forgotten how good these were. I could have made a double batch. I added some sliced black olives since Baby Girl loves them. I loved dipping these in extra sauce - so good.

club salad2

This California club chopped salad is one of my favorite dinner salads. I love all the fresh ingredients together and I love how adaptable it is. This time I used some leftover crispy chicken from another meal and swapped the blue cheese for feta, although I realized right before I went to toss it all together that the feta had expired, so I picked it out as best I could. Still delicious and satisfying.


I had to restock with freezer with more of this sausage and spinach egg bake. I added a bunch of different cheeses this time since I had some odds and ends to use up. Such a great breakfast.
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  1. Wow you really DID remake a lot! Looks like it was a delicious month!


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