Monday, July 01, 2013

June Re-Make Recap

How is it already the end of June? I know summer didn't officially start until June 21 but I still feel like it's 1/3 of the way over already. SP, Baby Girl and I are making the most of the extended daylight, hot temps and (mostly) nice weather and I can't wait to experience the next two months.

Whenever I make Mexican food these homemade refried beans have to be part of the meal. I've said it before and I'll say it again, once you try these you'll never go back to that stuff from a can.

I've been making this creamy macaroni salad a lot this summer as an alternative to potato salad. It's simple, delicious and I'm always shocked that 1/2lb of pasta can yield so much food.


The first time I made these Shake Shack burgers I was hooked. And promptly made them again following week and the week after that, too. There's really nothing out of the ordinary about these burgers - the toppings and even the Shake sauce are all made from things most people have in their fridge or pantry - but they come together so beautifully.

Baked Chicken Burrito

I didn't actually make these baked chicken burritos with creamy poblano sauce, I found some of the filling and sauce in the freezer (score one for saving leftovers so they didn't go to waste). All I had to do was add the filling to tortillas and bake them off, then reheat the sauce. Brilliant.


This taco rice was actually a recipe redo that turned out just the way I imagined it would. I guess you could also call this a burrito bowl. Whatever you call it, it's delicious and I can't wait to make it again.

This is another meal I didn't remake but got to enjoy from the freezer. I found one serving of spicy pork and asparagus stir fry in the freezer one day when I was hunting for something for lunch. I decided to serve it over angel hair pasta, which was brilliant. I need to remember angel has as a good alternative to rice.

I asked SP what he wanted me to add to the meal plan one week and his quickly said weeknight spaghetti and meatballs. He and Baby Girl have been on a meatball kick lately. I was able to prep the meatballs during the day, which made this an even easier dinner since all I had to do was cook everything when we got home. I really love one-pot dishes like this where even the pasta cooks in the same skillet as the rest of the ingredients.

I got it into my head one day that I needed spicy chicken lettuce wraps. Maybe it's the heat and the idea of lettuce wraps sounded refreshing and not too heavy. Like I did with the leftover spicy pork, I made myself some more angel hair pasta to go with the leftover filling for lunch the next day. Delicious.

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  1. I seriously want to eat at your house since you always post great dishes I know I'd eat! Everything looks delicious!


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