Monday, July 14, 2008

Red Beauties

Things are moving along nicely in the garden. In addition to the beautiful herbs a lot of my tomatoes are beginning to ripen. The grape tomatoes have been the first:

... which is no surprise. I've been watching this plum for awhile:

I took this picture on Saturday afternoon and by Monday evening it was finally ready to be picked. This big boy is from my patio tomato plant:

I've been watching him and these other two for awhile now:

He was the biggest tomato I've grown so far. I picked all the ripe ones Monday night to have with our dinner. So far all the varieties have been fantastic, but the Better Boys are taking the longest to ripen so we haven't tried them yet.
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  1. :) - for you
    :( - for me

  2. longhair - You still don't have any ripe tomatoes?? :(

  3. Lovely. I'm a bit envious. :) We have expensive and not so great tomatoes right now in SoCal. I might have room for an herb garden of sorts, but definitely not tomato plants.

  4. Some of the cherries...about 1 every other day. I also got one other off of my 4th of July Hybrid which kind of seems like it should have been named a 14th of July Hybrid.

    AND the 4th of July was about the size of a golf ball, but it was VERY tasty though :)

    Lots of green ones, and some that fell victim to insects and the "overnight funk" :(

    If I remember, I'll take some pictures and e-mail them to you.

  5. Melissa - These plants aren't all that large. Do you have a patio? Even a small one would probably have enough space for at least one tomato plant. I knew homegrown would be better then anything I could buy at the supermarket, but I was truly amazed by how much better. And the cool thing is, I know there were no pesticides or chemicals used to grow them, which makes me feel even better. :)

    longhair - At least you're getting a few. I know how disappointing it can be, so I hope they get the show on the road soon! Definitely send pics...I'd love to see them!


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