Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fourth of July

We had a quiet Fourth of July this year, which is pretty typical of most years. My parents are always in Maine this time of year, my mother-in-law was at another son's house, no one we knew was throwing a party...even our neighbors are out of town. We did a little shopping, rode our bikes around the neighborhood and then went to the farmer's market in town to get ingredients for dinner.

We started with a mozzarella, tomato and basil platter:

I wish I could say this was a tomato from my garden, but mine aren't nearly ripe enough yet. But it was grown locally and was very flavorful, especially with the milky, creamy mozzarella and the basil (which was from my garden). While I was getting the platter assembled and microwaving the baked potatoes, SP was grilling up some steaks we got from the Amish butcher:

The steaks are hormone-free and very flavorful, and the same price (if not cheaper) then what we saw at the grocery store. I served the steaks with a rosemary butter and chopped fresh chives for our baked potatoes.

Happy Fourth of July!!
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  1. wow! very nice-- i wish i had food like that! happy belated july 4th from an american in europe!

  2. If you can find a really good butcher, most of them are cheaper than the supermarkets and much better quality. When I was still living at home, my mum would visit this one butchers all the time and they had the best sausages. Mmm. :)

  3. You two ARE coming down here next year for the 4th next year!!

    No questions!


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