Saturday, January 12, 2008


When I made this week's menu the plan had been to go to Red Robin on Thursday for my free birthday burger, but by the time Thursday rolled around SP's head cold had worn him out and he was in no shape to go out. I had a feeling he'd want Chinese food on Friday so I made Friday's pizza on Thursday:

... with pepperoni and black olives. The shape was a little off, but the pizza tasted fantastic. At least I thought so - SP can't taste anything right now, poor guy.
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  1. This looks very tasty!!!

  2. I'm seeing a theme here - do you guys like black olives or something? :P

    That pizza looks sooo good. Of course, I'd pick the olives off but everything else looks great! ;) I think the best part about the pizza in the picture is how the tomato mixes with the cheese in the bottom left slice - mmmmm so good!

  3. sddonegan - Thanks! It was. :)

    Katie - LOL! Yes, we do love black olives. It's usually cheaper to buy the larger can of them, so when we have them one week we usually have them again the following week to use up the rest of the can.


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