Monday, January 28, 2008

Kentucky Hot Browns

I saw an episode of Throwndown with Bobby Flay on the Food Network recently where the challenge was Hot Browns, a dish I had never heard of but that looked absolutely amazing. I found Bobby's recipe and printed it out to use the next time I have leftover roast chicken or turkey.

But then SP said he had a craving for Monte Cristos and since the Hot Browns share some of the same characteristics, I decided to make them for dinner last night. I bought thickly sliced turkey at the supermarket deli counter that worked just fine, but I know this will be better with freshly roasted meat.

The recipe is simple to make since the sauce is basically mac & cheese sauce. I used some of the leftover bread I served with the burrata and even the tomatoes were OK for being way out of season.
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  1. They are SO good! I am going to have to try this Bobby Flay recipe out.

  2. That looks awesome - and the crispy bacon is to die for! We don't get bacon like that here, ours is definitely not as crispy so I always get jealous when I see American bacon. :P

  3. Love the criss crossed bacon to top off this delicious dish. It could be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Thank You for sharing.

  4. I saw part of the episode last night...I may need to make some of these this weekend.

  5. Melissa - It's a really easy recipe and it tasted great!

    Katie - I know you're always jealous of American bacon. :) I love it, but sometimes I miss the bacon I had in England. It was mostly meat and I loved that.

    White on Rice - Yup...a definite breakfast, lunch or dinner meal.

    Alejandra - Thanks!

    longhair - Let me know how they turn out if you make them. :)

  6. I saw this the other week too. I've been meaning to get the ingredients to make this...I need to get motivated.


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