Sunday, September 11, 2011

Menu - Week of September 11, 2011

September is here and it seems to have brought cooler weather with it. I can't remember a time when we've had this much rain or such cool temps this early in the fall season. Heck, it isn't even officially fall yet! Regardless, I've put away most of my summer recipes in favor of fall. I'm looking forward to comfort food classics, although I'll have to be careful because those tend to come with fat and calories attached to them.

Sunday - Out to dinner with my dad and stepmom, making Caprese Pasta for lunches on Monday

Monday - Panko chicken, cheesy zucchini rice (I'm using the panko coating technique from the chicken recipe since it works so well).

Tuesday - Swedish meatballs with egg noodles

Wednesday - Chicken Parm Burgers, Caesar salad

Thursday - Bacon Lovers Mac & Cheese, side salads

Friday - Pizza (Not sure of the toppings yet. I might go super simple with plain old cheese and sauce).

Saturday - Roast Beef with Onion gravy, mashed potatoes, peas (my dad's favorite birthday dinner meal. I finally asked my stepmom for her onion gravy recipe. I hope it works out as I remember it).

Sunday - Chicken in Tarragon Mustard Cream Sauce, rice (My tarragon plant went rogue and I have so much tarragon I'll never use it all).
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  1. Great menu. I plan on using a few of these this week. Thank you :)


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