Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Fish Filets, Fries and Corn

Warning - The only thing homemade in this post is the tartar sauce.

I have to admit, even if some of my readers are disappointed, that since having Baby Girl my food standards have gone way, way down. Whereas before I frowned upon convenience foods like boxed potatoes, powdered sauces, soup from a can, heck, even frozen veggies, these days I've actually cooked (and enjoyed) Hamburger Helper. I just don't have the same kind of time to cook that I once did and while I hope that as Baby Girl gets older I can return to my from-scratch ways, I'm shocked to say we're doing just fine with some of the prepackaged items. Like these fish filets that I served recently:

They were Gorton's and all I had to do was bake them, along with the fries, and dinner was served. I added frozen corn since that's SP's favorite veggie and homemade tartar sauce (just mix mayo and relish together).
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  1. I think it's just fine to have a healthy mix of both! Who says every single thing has to be from scratch for every meal? There are some days when a store-bought frozen pizza works and some days when I want to make it all myself.

  2. No joke? That fish and fries look awesome right now.

    Nothing to feel badly about. You enjoy cooking and I'm sure you'll find your way back to doing it more frequently as time goes by. In the meantime, enjoy the ease and the convenience. You deserve it.

  3. I'm actually a huge fan of frozen vegetables. I've tried to buy fresh, but by the time we're both together and able to sit down and actually prepare it, they've gone off. Frozen veggies are snap-frozen at their best, easy to reheat and taste great.

    And I don't mind the odd fish-and-chips-from-the-freezer. Life's stressful, don't make it more stressful by trying to be a chef every night! :D


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