Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Plantings

On Memorial Day we went to the store and stocked up on plants for the summer. This year I got flat leaf parsley:

... cilantro:

... cherry peppers:

... basil:

... cherry tomatoes:

... roma tomatoes:

... Rutgers tomatoes (this is a new breed for me this year):

... patio tomatoes:

... Better boy tomatoes:

... and strawberries (also new this year):

The whole gang (minus the strawberries which are on the other side of the slider) all lined up:

Since I took this picture everything has quadruplued in size. The Better Boys already need the tomato cage, they've gotten so big. I can't wait to start hareveting! And the crazy thing is we haven't had much sun lately.
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  1. Tomatoes!!! Can't wait till the time comes. You're so lucky you can grow all that stuff at home.

  2. Rutgers tomatoes? Do they do the bare minimum and screw you over in the end? Or is that just my alma mater? :)

  3. wow! They are moving right along so nicely!


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