Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cat in a Blanket

You'd think with the weather being so warm these days that our cat would be done sleeping in, or even on, heavy blankets. Apparently not. I found him snuggled up in a comforter a few weeks ago:

He's such a cutie.
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  1. It never fails to amaze me how much your cat looks like my Hannah. I think he's a little bit darker colored on his body, that's it.

  2. Oh thank GOODNESS!

    I was thinking - cooking blog... perhaps an alternative to "pigs in a blanket"... okay, so maybe she replaced the sausage with...oh my GOODNESS!!!!

    Your cat is beautiful. And I'm so pleased that my immediate thought-pattern was waaaaay off base.... :)

  3. I never, ever get tired of his face. So handsome.


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