Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cuban Sandwiches

I'm so behind in my blog posting...I apologize! This time it isn't the baby's fault since I'm finally feeling better. Now work is the culprit. Longtime readers know I have a work conference at this time every year and things get a little crazy around the office. I should be back to a regular posting schedule at the end of June.

For now, here's a Cuban sandwich we had sometime at the end of May:

I love these sandwiches because they require almost no work. I buy the meat and cheese from the deli so all I really have to do is assemble and cook them. We had the sandwiches with Terra chips.
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  1. They're looking good!

    Just looking at them brings back memories of sitting in the street side cafe in our hotel in downtown Havana. Watching the world, and his dog, wander past.

    The bread looks quite authentic too, what bread did you use?

    Stupid question, what is Terra chips? Is it a special brand or a way of cooking them or something completely different?

    // Mike

  2. Mike - Thanks! Unfortunately there's nothing authentic about the bread. It's from the supermarket and it's just a regular sandwich roll. They might have a special name for it but I'm drawing a blank. Certainly nothing Cuban.

    Terra chips are a brand name. They're vegetable chips and are supposed to be healthier for you then regular potato chips.


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