Sunday, April 05, 2009


SP usually does the grocery shopping and these days he's been driving out to a supermarket near Warminster. Along the way there are a ton of strip malls and in one of them we found a little gem today. We'd seen the sign for Taco Suave many times but today we wanted a snack before going to the grocery store so we stopped in to check it out. We got an order of three soft tacos filled with ground beef, chopped tomatoes, shredded lettuce, cheese and sour cream. We got the tacos to go and when we got back to the car and opened the container this is what we saw:

How gorgeous are these tacos? We were drooling before we even caught the first whiff of seasoned ground beef and hot, spicy sauce they'd given to us in a separate container. We poured on some sauce and took our first bite - pure bliss. The meat was perfectly seasoned and all the fresh toppings came together to make one delicious taco.

Taco Suave is a little hole in the wall at the end of a strip mall at 200 W. Street Road in Warminster. There are a few tables inside and they've got a pretty decent-sized menu of everything from fajitas to tacos, even breakfast. The three tacos we got were $4.75 plus tax. They also serve more authentic tacos with fillings like goat and cow's tongue. SP already has his eye on those for next time. We wolfed these down and could have gone back for more. We'll definitely be back.
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  1. I've been craving tacos recently and those look really delicious. What do you prefer - soft tacos or hard tacos?

    Oh and if you get the tongue taco, I definitely need photos! :P

  2. Oh I totally love good hole in the wall Mexican (and you know I have a lot of good stuff here!). You're right, those tacos look gorgeous. Great takeout option.

  3. Wow, these look like the ones we usually get from our local taco truck, which are THE BEST around! AND for less than $5 for all 3, what a deal!

  4. I know where I'm having lunch the next time I take a trip to Target! Thanks for finding it for us :)


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