Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Buffalo Chicken Tenders and Blue Cheese Mashed Potatoes

We love the flavors of chicken wings but they don't make a very good dinner (or leftovers for lunch). I love this recipe for Buffalo Chicken Tenders and this time I got the coating just right:

The chicken was nice and crispy, I think because I drained the tenders on a wire cooling rack instead of a paper towel-lined plate. I also waited until the chicken had cooled slightly before I tossed it in the sauce, which meant the coating had a chance to harden a bit.

A natural accompaniment to chicken wings is blue cheese dressing for dipping, so I decided to use some leftover blue cheese crumbles to flavor mashed potatoes. I also chopped some scallions to mix into the potatoes. They had a nice, sharp tang with a mild onion flavor. Delicious. A little blue cheese dressing for dipping and this was a great bar food meal made into a yummy dinner.
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  1. may i have your blue cheese dipping recipe please???

  2. Anon - It's just Marie's blue cheese dressing. You buy it in the refrigerated section at the supermarket. If you want to make your own the Buffalo chicken tenders recipe includes a dipping sauce recipe.

  3. as delicious as it looks, deep fried?

  4. Mmm - buffalo chicken and blue cheese is a combo made in heaven. looks delicious!


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