Monday, February 19, 2007

Cheese Enchiladas

My buddy D made cheese enchiladas awhile back that got me jonesing for enchiladas. I used the same recipe she used but they didn't turn out the way we'd hoped.

For staters, I bought a pound of pepper Jack cheese because I wanted the enchiladas to be spicy. The cheese couldn't have been more bland. Obviously this is not the recipe's fault, but it was a disappointment. Another problem we had was the sauce was chunky from the onions and the prepared salsa - we both prefer a smooth, thin sauce for our enchiladas. The final problem is evident in the above photo: the tortillas fell apart. Disintegrated is actually a better word. I fried them in oil like the recipe said, but they turned to mush.

Don't get me wrong, the flavor was fine and we ate more than half the pan for dinner, but now SP is on a mission to make enchiladas like the ones we get at our favorite Mexican restaurant. It's going to take some tweaking, but we'll get there.
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  1. Hey, at least it was edible!
    It looks nice how it is. I wish SP luck with the mission and of course, let us know how it goes!! :)

  2. I cannot for the life of me get M Laz to eat enchiladas. They look so good! His beef (ha! no pun intended) is with the enchilada sauce. Yay Mexican food, Boo picky husband!


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