Wednesday, August 30, 2006

In need of comfort food

It's been a strange week. The dreary, rainy weather coupled with a few lackluster dinners (which resulted in lackluster lunches the following day) has left me craving something comforting, something familiar. SP was traveling for work today so he couldn't cook and I just didn't feel like making the steak I had planned for dinner. I ran through a mental checklist of meals that might make me smile when a light flickered on. Spaghetti Carbonara.

I only had one medium-sized onion but a ton of shallots, so I added three huge shallots to the sliced onion and, honestly, I couldn't taste a difference. They're both onions, afterall. The meal, which I rounded out with some of the leftover salad greens (plus the chicken for SP) from last night's chicken Caesar, really hit the spot. Of course now I'm stuffed to the gills and in need of a long walk to help me digest, but I'm very happy nonetheless.
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  1. What was for dinner on Thursday??

  2. Hahaha! Well....we went out to eat. *shame face*

    SP was traveling yesterday so he didn't get home until late and he had to bring in breakfast for his office this morning (which was supposed to be its own post, but I forgot to take pictures). We had to get to the wholesale club last night, so we hit up Red Robin for some incredibly tasty burgers.

    But I'm cooking tonight, never fear! The chicken is cooking in the oven right now for buffalo chicken pizza. :)


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