Sunday, August 27, 2006

Breakfast Sandwich

Today just felt like a breakfast sandwich kind of day. I made mine with two fried eggs, two slices of bacon and a thick slice of tomato leftover from last night's dinner all piled high on a toasted English muffin.
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  1. You sure like your tomatos! I have not grown a taste for tomatos, but there will be some in my pico de gallo tonight. *Gulp*

  2. When I was younger I never liked tomatoes (which was a crime considering I live in the state with the best tomatoes). As I got older I realized how good they were and now I eat them plain whenever I can.

    Maybe your pico de gallo will change your mind!

  3. We'll never know. I picked only the jalapeno, onion and cilantro out of the pico de gallo, avoiding all sign of red! LOL!

  4. LOL! You crack me up!

    BTW - I'm making your Sticky Chicken for dinner tonight, only I'm making it with boneless breasts instead of a whole cut-up chicken. I had to buy a family pack for all our dinners this week, so I'm planning to cut the cooking time in half. I'm very looks super easy!

  5. Yes! It is soooo easy and soooo nummy! And I used boneless breasts instead of a cut up chicken also!

    Tonight I am making breaded pork chops!! I thought we would have 1 kind of leftover or another, but we only have just a little meatloaf left, can you believe that? I was eating noodles and cabbage and meatloaf alllll weekend until my beloved fajitas last night.

    So after the chops had defrosted a bit I sliced them girth wise so they will not take as long to fry up. YUM!!

    Let me know how you and SP like the sticky chicken!

    Oh, and thank you for the tip on the taco meat! I am making taco's after Bird's first day of school so I'm going to give the spices a shot!


  6. Oh guys had meatloaf this weekend? I have been craving meatloaf, but I hate to have the oven on that long in this oppresive heat and humidity. I might have to cave soon, though. I could really go for some meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

    Haha! I can imagine you standing over the stove yelling at the chops for taking too long. I think thinner is better, so you should be good.

    I will definitely post about the Sticky Chicken. I'm excited!

    I posted that recipe with you in mind. Since you go to all the trouble of frying your own shells, I felt bad that you were stuck using those seasoning packets. You will never go back once you see how super simple it is to season the meat yourself! Definitely let me know how that works out.

  7. I'm backing up here. It just connected with me that chicken without bones takes less time to cook. So the sticky chicken cooking time can be cut in half?!?! Lawd have mercy! It's a miracle my chicken wasn't dry and stringy! *smacking head* I better make a note of that in my cookbook. Sheesh.

    Re: Taco's, yes totally. Why go through all the trouble of frying your own shells just to use pre-packaged seasoning. My only concern is Bird likes things the same. She will definitely know if something is different. Once when she was staying at my dad's my step mom called to find out what kind of mayo & tuna & bread I used because Bird said her grandma's tuna sandwich was not as good as mine.

    BUT I am mainly anxious to try it because sometimes I forget to buy that seasoning packet and then I have to run back out to the store!

    BTW, do you like avacado's/guacamole?

  8. P.S. Yes we had meatloaf. Ams made her mom's recipe which includes oatmeal and onion soup mix. I'm not a big meat loaf fan, but it was YUM! And that noodles and cabbage dish? I'm ready for more! It was even better the next few days then it was hot off the stove.

    I am very happy you inspired me because I inspired Ams, LOL! She does all the "man" things around the house, but let me tell you, she grew up with a stay-at-home-mom who made home cooked meals every night wheres I didn't so she should WANT to cook by default, LOL!

    Yeah so now we have to fight over who is cooking, LMAO!

  9. Yes...if you have boneless chicken you don't need to cook it as long. You were probably saved by the sauce keeping everything moist.

    Hmmm...well, that is a good point. Hopefully she'll be able to adapt, but I totally get the whole noticing when things are different. I was a picky kid once!

    I LOVE guacamole and I eat avocados plain with just some salt and lemon juice.

    Onion soup mix with meatloaf is TO DIE FOR! I usually use the packet to make gravy instead of adding it to the loaf because I am a sauce fiend.

    I definitely have to try that noodles and cabbage dish sometime soon.

    That is great that you guys cook so much now! I am SO proud that I inspired you. *beam*

  10. Good to know. It must say that somewhere in my cookbook seeing as it's for beginners and all, but damn if I make time to read the fine print. :)

    Can you let me know how long you end up cooking your sticky chicken for so I can make note of the change for boneless on the recipe?

    I should give Bird the benefit of the doubt, but she doesn't adapt much when it comes to food.

    I LOVE avacados plain with salt and pepper! YUM!! I really don't eat quacamole because of the TOMATOS but wondered if you've thought of making guac for your taco nights.

    I am a sauce-a-holic too!

    Yes, you are AWESOME and we appreciate the inspiration so much!!

    Of course Bird is not too happy so far, LOL, but she is appeasing me. I am making spagetti for her and I on Wed because Ams will be out of town and is not a spagetti fan unless white sauce of some kind is involved. Then we're camping all weekend and she's good with a hot dog no bun and ketchup, LOL. Then there is the one night a week when her dad takes her out to eat and every other weekend when they eat fish sticks or chicken nuggets or pizza so I'm not going to worry too much about making her try new things. Hopefully it will eventually make a difference as far as her being more open, but so far like I said, she's not impressed with our adventures in the kitchen.

    Oh I will have to email you the fajita recipe. Ams is not much of a fajita fan and the meat was probably too flavorfull (read: spicy) for Bird but I LOVE THEM!

    And sometimes that's all that matters, right?


  11. I will definitely let you know the cooking time. They are baking as I type and I just cut both cooking times in half. So, they were in for 15 minutes covered and they'll be in 20 minutes uncovered. I'll cut one in half to check for doneness, but that should do it.

    That's so funny about the guac because I never, ever make my guac with tomato! I prefer just avocado, salt, pepper, lemon juice, some garlic and maybe cilantro if I have some on hand. Tomato in guac is sacriledge to me! I'll give you my recipe and that way you can enjoy it without those pesky tomatoes. :)

    I would make it for taco night, but we usually just eat a big bowl of it with chips. And avocados are so expensive for us, it's more of a treat.

    I'm glad to hear Bird is going along with things for now. Sounds like she gets the best of both worlds with the nuggets and the homecooked food. And who knows, as she gets older she might explore more food options.

    DEF. email me that fajita recipe!! We love fajitas around these parts. :)


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