Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Catch-All Dinner

Dinner tonight was less than inspiring. I was planning to jazz up the same chicken Caesar salad I made last week by adding chopped cooked bacon, but I forgot that we had frozen the last package of bacon we bought, so that wasn't happening. The only difference between this version and the last one I made was the addition of shaved Pecorino cheese. I wasn't really in the mood for salad for dinner as it was, but then as I was putting the dressing on (Ken's creamy Caesar), the bottle burped and issued forth a wave of dressing that soaked the lettuce to the core.

I figured I would hedge my bets and make something to go along with my plate of salad dressing. In the freezer I found some frozen pizzas that SP likes to take to work on those days when we didn't have enough food left over. I nuked the Supreme pizza on the special "pizza crisping tray" and dinner was served.

This was one of those times when I wish I just had a bowl of cereal instead.
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