Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Recipe Swap Roundup - Too Hot to Cook

This was one of my favorite swaps. I want to make pretty much all the recipes highlighted below. If you're suffering from record high temps as summer winds down, check out these delicious recipes.

Big thanks to Jaida from Sweet Beginnings for putting this roundup together for me. Things have been hectic lately and I realized I had never done the roundup. Jaida stepped in and got it done. Thank you!!

Colleen from Does Not Cook Well with Others made these delicious Korean-Style Short Ribs.

Melissa from I Was Born to Cook really enjoyed her Caprese Sliders with Pesto Mayo during her weekend at the Shore.

Lisa from Tastetastic Voyage was reminded of fond childhood memories with by recipe for Barley Chickpea Salad.

Christine from Christine’s Kitchen Chronicles joined many of her fellow bloggers who have fallen in love with these Hawaiian Chicken Sandwiches.

Kate from Kate’s Recipe Box was pleasantly surprised how much she liked her BLT Hot Dogs.

Jenna from Jenna’s Cooking Journey discovered a new trick while making these Turkey Burgers with Cheddar and Cumin Aioli.

Mary Ellen from Mary Ellen’s Cooking Creations was hesitant at first, but really enjoyed her Autumn Salad.

Stef from Kickin it in the Kitch really enjoyed her Chili Lime Shrimp Salad.

Alison from Sparks from the Kitchen was very pleased with her Creamy Shrimp Rolls.

Christina from Tales from the Mad Men Kitchen enjoyed her Berry and Kiwi Salad with Sweet Balsamic Dressing as a lunch entrée.

Nichole from The Cookaholic Wife was excited to be able to use her Griddler for these Shrimp Po’ Boy Sandwiches.

Dawn from Simple Gourmet Cooking loved the versatility in selecting ingredients for her Pinwheels.

Ashley from Cheese Curd in Paradise really enjoyed her Italian Panini, even though she forgot one of her favorite ingredients at the store!

Nicole from Cookies on Friday really enjoyed a new variation of pulled pork with these Crockpot Pulled Pork Sandwiches.

Jaida from Sweet Beginnings loved the flavor combination in her Cilantro Pepper Chicken.

Jey from The Jey of Cooking enjoyed the flavors of her Panzanella.

Nicole from Prevention RD loved her simple but delicious Walnut Romaine Salad.


Tina from Tasty Treats by Tina thought her Honey Lime Chicken Spinach Salad was the perfect lazy Sunday meal.

Melissa from Delicious Meliscious loved that the crust stayed crispy on her Grilled Pizza.

Jen from Becoming Pigzilla liked how easy her Sloppy Joes were to make in the crockpot.

And finally, I made Chicken Souvlaki, which was one of the best meals I've made in a long time:

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  1. Great roundup, thanks again for hosting :)

  2. Another successful swap! Thanks as usual for hosting and thank you Jaida for filling in on the round-up :).

    I'm not sure if you got my note with the sample pinterest board but let me know what you think of that idea, too!

    1. I'm working with Joelen on a linkup instead. Thanks!

  3. I must have done something wrong. How come my swap recipe was missed? :(

    1. Jen, you didn't post in the roundup on the cooking board, which is where Jaida pulled the posts. Please make sure you post in the roundup or ask me to do it for you if you won't be around. I'll add you to the roundup now. Sorry about that.

  4. I love your website, esp been given the change to look up other blogs. Thanks
    Lynn from Ireland :)

  5. Ah ha... I knew I screwed it up some how. I believe I was on vacay when it was on the WC board. No biggie - I'll remember for next time. Thanks!

    1. If you'll be away in the future just let me know and I'll post for you. :)


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