Thursday, March 31, 2011

Restaurant Knock-Off: Texas Roadhouse House Salad

I love the House Salad at Texas Roadhouse so when I was stumped for what to serve with dinner one night I decided to recreate it at home.

It's a very simple salad made infinitely better by their homemade Ranch dressing and croutons made from their delicious rolls (two things I haven't tried recreating at home yet). It's just greens (romaine), tomato, hardboiled eggs, cheddar cheese and croutons.

Next step - make my own Ranch dressing and find a knock-off for their rolls.
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  1. OMG I love this! That dressing is what makes the salad. I literally cried when my TR closed, lol!

  2. I love love love this salad! I made this the other night after seeing your post and it was delicious. YUM!

  3. I have this recipe book that's essentially all recipes from restaurants. It's called America's Most Wanted Recipes or something like that. It's amazing. If you like knocking off restaurants, you'd love this book!

  4. You dont have to knock off the rolls, they sell them frozen so that you can make them at home. The give them to local highschools and other groups to sell as fundraisers mostly, but if you call they can put some aside for you in the freezer. They sell them cheaper than what you can buy frozen rolls for in the supermarket, and they come with the honey cinnamon butter at most places!!

  5. As a TRH employee, the croutons aren't made from the rolls! They are made from plain 'ole white bread!

  6. How are Their rolls made��?


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